Cherry blossoms and magnolia trees in Washington DC. Where to watch them

Dumbarton Oaks cherry blossoms Washington DC

Spring is here and with her the dream of magnolia trees and cherry blossoms. You can find them all around DC in the streets and parks but if you want to dedicate a couple of hours to surround yourself with cherry blossoms and magnolia trees here are some of the top places:

1) The Tidal Basin is one of the most beautiful but also very touristy during the peak week. A good tip is to go in the morning on weekdays.

2) The Arboretum

3) Dumbarton Oaks Garden. This is our favorite place to watch cherries and magnolias! The entrance costs 10 dollars and totally worth it ! Somedays it opens late, around 2pm.

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC, Dumbarton Oaks

4)Enid A. Haupt Garden. This is an excellent place to watch magnolias! Take a book and a coffee and sit in a bench below a pink magnolia.

5)Walking around Georgetown. Walk the streets and be on the lookout for pink! Check out the weeping cherries, one of our favorite species.

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